Law changes coming into effect this season


Club (associated) umpire and Kent ACO education officer, Alan Collard, has very kindly put together this short overview of the new Law changes coming into force this season.

“As you may be aware, the MCC has introduced a series of significant changes to the Laws of Cricket which come into effect in the UK from the beginning of this season.

Whilst it is hoped that most players will see little difference in the way the game is played, they should be aware of the key changes and their potential impact, so that do not inadvertently fall foul of them – particularly those who will be playing league cricket.

To this end, I have prepared a summary of key changes and their potential impact which has now been uploaded onto the documents section of TeamApp and also attached to this post.

Whilst I would recommend that all players take a look at the fuller document, the following provides a taster (unless amended by league regulations). There are many more changes than listed below.

Ø It’s a No Ball if the ball bounces more than once before reaching the Popping Crease or if the ball pitches wide of the pitch.

Ø Any player who fails to take the field at the start of play, or leaves the field during play (unless for an external injury or in exceptional circumstances), will incur Penalty time equivalent to the time spent off the field (max 90 minutes), before he can bowl or, if the innings ends meanwhile, bat.

Ø A batsman can now be Caught after the ball strikes a helmet worn by a fielder or the wicket keeper, Run Out if the ball rebounds directly from a fielder’s helmet onto the stumps, or Stumped if the ball rebounds off the wicket keeper’s helmet.

Ø If a fielder deliberately distract the striker before he faces a delivery (for example by talking during the bowler’s run up), or if he deliberately distract or deceive either batsmen after the striker faces a delivery (for example by mock fielding), 5 Penalty Runs will be awarded to the batting side and the batsmen cannot be dismissed.

Ø Any non-pitching delivery, irrespective of speed, which passes above waist height of the upright Striker at the Popping Crease will be deemed dangerous and unfair, called a No Ball and will trigger sanctions.

Ø Actions taken against bouncers and beamers are now separated. The first bouncer deemed dangerous or beamer will now receive a first and final warning. A second offence will result in the bowler’s suspension for the remainder of the innings. (Special conditions apply for U16.)

Ø 4 different levels of offences have been created. Sanctions vary, dependant on the level of offence (Level 1: a warning or second offence 5 penalty runs. Level 2: 5 penalty runs. Level 3: temporary suspension of player plus 5 penalty runs. Level 4: permanent removal of player and 5 penalty runs). All offences are reportable."

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