2018 Subs: do you need to act NOW?


At the recent AGM it was agreed to extend the deadline for members to qualify for the subscription discount scheme until March 31.

If you have a quarterly or annual Standing Order for payment of your subscription you need to ACT NOW.

New subscription rates for 2018 – the first change in over 10 years for most members -
were agreed at the AGM in January 2017 and reaffirmed last month.

The new rates are:
- Individual Playing £72 (£6 per month)
- Family Playing £108 (£9 per month)
- Young Person (under 23) £36 (£3 per month)
- Social £10
- Senior Citizen £7.50

If, by March 31, you are a full playing member and you (or a member of your family under a family subscription) also belong to the 100 Club AND meet the volunteering criteria, you will benefit from the agreed discount on 2018 rates.

The discounted rates are:
- Individual Playing £54 (£4.50 per month)
- Family Playing £78 (6.50 per month)

In addition, qualifying players will get a discount on match fees so they pay the young person rate, not the full rate.

So now is the time to convert to the Club’s new monthly Direct Debit scheme. To set up your Direct Debit, go to the Club website membership page here http://www.staplehurstcricket.com/membership.html

It takes two minutes if you have your bank details to hand.

You can still meet the volunteering criteria – if not already contributing volunteer hours participating in committees, working groups or coaching programmes – by taking up one of the volunteer roles currently available.

For more information on volunteering go to the Club website volunteers page here http://www.staplehurstcricket.com/volunteers.html

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